Skirmish Mode
Leviathan Raid Grinder Blockade

Mission Summary

Protect the evacuating Civilian transports as they break the hostile blockade. The transports must reach the right edge of the map to activate their jump engines.

The hostile forces will jump in periodically to attack the transports. You must stop them! Enemy forces will grow in strength and numbers as you score more points.

Means of Scoring

You will score points based on the health of the transports that manage to escape. You will lose Points when transports are destroyed. You can take control of the Civilian transports if you wish to.


You have 8 points to spend on your fleet formation. Choose Carefully.


  • Protect Civilian Transports
  • Transports must reach right edge of map
  • You will score points when transports escape
  • You will lose points when transports are destroyed

Tips and Strategies

Currently nothing has been suggested or added yet. But if you have a Tip or Strategy to add please feel free to add it here.

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