Shipbuilders usually like to give their creations backstories. A grouping of backstories and their respective ships can grow to become a faction. This is where you post a link to a page that describes your faction. Keep this listing alphabetized.
On your faction page have at least a few lines detailing the story of your faction. You can post pictures of your faction's ships if you wish.


Help with the wiki's syntax can be found here.
To leave Breadcrumbs, go to the bottom of the created page, click "+ options", click "parent", and type factions in the resultant text box.

Getting Started

To create a page for your faction, click 'Edit' at the bottom of this page, then type the name of your faction
inside three sets of brackets, like so:

[[[Faction Name]]]

When finished, click the 'Save' button near the editing box. Then click on the newly-created redlink with your faction's name.

Click on 'Create Page' to start writing your faction's story. When you're done, press save. You can revise your faction's page if needed by pressing the edit button at the bottom.


Intergalatic Alliance of the People
The Fleet of Orochi Phil
The Scinfaxi Empire
Leasath Defense Initiative

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