General Questions about Battleships Forever

What is Battleships Forever?

Battleships Forever is a freeware RTS, developed by Sean "Th15" Chan in which you control a small fleet of ships.

Where do I get Battleships Forever?

You can download the latest version of Battleships Forever from the Wyrdsym Games main page here.

Is Battleships Forever free?

Yes, no charges, nothing, completely freeware.

Where's the multiplayer?

Creator Sean "Th15" Chan Comments:
"Sadly, Battleships Forever will not include a multiplayer component. I sorely wish I could add multi play but I simply lack the experience to do decent net code. That said though, I fully intend to do a sequel that is multiplayer centric once I've learnt what I need to know."


Battleships Forever Gameplay Questions

Help I can't beat mission X!

If you are stuck on a certain mission you can try turning down the difficulty bu going to the "Options" menu and clicking on the "Difficulty" button until it shows the desired level of difficulty. If you still can't complete the mission you can go to the Strategies page.

What is wrong with the last two missions?

There isn't anything wrong with them. They just haven't been completed yet.

Custom Ship Questions

How do I add custom ships into the game?

There are 2 ways to do this. the first is in the Sandbox. From the main menu, click "Custom Game" then click "Sandbox". In this game mode you're free to spawn any ships you wish as either enemies or friendlies.

The Second is through Encounters. This work somewhat similar to Sandbox but not quite. It will be explained further eventually.

That's not what I meant. I want them in Career Mode. Is this Possible?

No. Plain and simple. You can only use Custom Ships in "Custom Game" Mode and "Skirmish" Mode.

I thought my ships were good, but then I looked at ships other people have posted. What can I do to improve?

First, you should read SilverWingedSeraph's Guide To Good Shipbuilding, he covers many mistakes made by first time shipbuilders. Also read the rest of the topic, as other members of the community have contributed their own tips. Then just keep practicing. Very few of today's great shipbuilders' first posts showed what they would go on to build. Finally be ready to accept large amounts of constructive criticism. Do not take it personally, most it is well intentioned and it is given to help you improve.

Weapon/Module Questions

Where can I find the excel file with weapon and ship statistics?

Right here. For more up-to-date information, go to the Weapons and Modules Guide.

How the hell do deflectors work.

It turns out deflectors work by replacing the HP lost to weapons fire, not by stopping the damage in the first place. If your ship's total HP are lower than the strongest weapon to hit you, the deflectors can't cure the damage completely, so you'll take damage. As a bad example, they work a bit like very fast NanoMatrixes.

Can I adjust the firing arcs on flak guns or particle guns?

In short; No. Due to the way point defense weapons are coded/handled, they fire before checking their arc of fire. This is to reduce the amount of thinking the game has to do.

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