Galaxy In Flames

The Arcan Republic has long stood for the ideals of peace, justice, and equality. They only use force only if attacked, and even after being attacked they will try as hard as possible to achieve peace through diplomacy. In stark contrast to the Arcan is the Byssian Empire. They are a violent race with a bloody history. They have conquered, enslaved, and then "cleansed" dozens of other civilizations. There has been tension between the Byssian Empire and the Arcan Republic. The Arcan and Byssians signed a non-aggression pact, but the Byssians have worked around and even completely ignored parts of the treaty since its signing. The Arcan Defense Forces Intelligence Agency believes that the Byssians are preparing a large fleet to attack them. All across the Arcan Republic Defense Units are being mobilized and those already active are beginning long range patrols and Hyperspace sensors are being placed along the border. War is coming.
Let the Galaxy burn!

Zero Hour-

Commander, the attack we have feared is finally coming. At 700 SGT the border sensors detected a large force of Byssian warships. The majority of the ships are taking Hyperspace routes toward Arca. We have prepared as best we can. Our defense network is up and all available reinforcements are on their way.

Fire From the Sky-

Sir, ADFI has sent us new images of Decan, one of the 13 worlds taken by the Byssian assault.

Transmission from ADFI HQ——
Password Accepted_
Commander Falon, a spie drone has taken images of a large platform being constructed in orbit of Decan. After analysis of the images and intercepted communications we believe the purpose of the platform is to "cleanse" Decan.This platform must be destroyed before it is completed. All life on Decan depends on it.
End Transmission_

A New Threat-

Sir, a small refueling station in the Kiting asteroid field has come under attack. Before the attack we received this transmission:

By decree of the Terran Alliance Governing Authority a State of War now exists between the Terran Alliance and the Arcan Republic. The Byssians have told us of the Arcana's unjust aggression toward their people. We agree with them that a pre-emptive strike was the only way of dealing with the threat posed by the Arcan military buildup. We will show solidarity with the Byssian Empire and help them protect their homeland. The 1st Terran Alliance Expeditionary Force, under the command of Admiral Alan Bradley, is being sent to aid the Byssians in their struggle. We hope to bring a quick end to this conflict.

It is obvious from this transmission that the Byssians have lied to these "Terrans". Our experts have traced the signal to a small planet orbiting a star named Sol. We hope to be able to contact the Terran's and explain that the Byssians have lied. For now we are being sent to help defend the refueling station.

Beating the Blockade-

It appears the Terran Alliance isn't interested in "cleansing" us or invasion. We believe the Terran's either do not have enough troops for a planetary invasion, or they don't have enough transports to move them. However, they have enough ships to have blockaded Novus II. Novus II is an industrial world which depends on food imports from surrounding worlds. We need both the industrial capacity of Novus and to save the millions of live that would perish without the food. The ADFI experts aren't sure if the Byssians will come to help the Terrans.

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