The Intergalactic Alliance Of The People

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The Intergalactic Alliance of the People, or IAP for short is a democratic, United Nations style organization, consisting of large numbers of planets and races, spanning seven galaxies. It's main capital city lies in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the IAP has expanded from there.


Millenia ago, the known Milky Way galaxy was a battlefield. Thousands of factions combated thousands of other factions in a never ending galactic conflict. One of these conflicts was worse than most others, seen it's complexity and the used technologies. This conflict is now known as the Vilushan-Ruustirii war, and proved to be pivotal in the ending of the galactic conflicts.

After decades of war, leaders on both sides found themselves in an impasse: The Vilushans had almost begun a devastating assault on the Ruustirii homeworld,

The Porretti light corvette is the Alliance's main patrol ship. Used to guard borders, scan unknown territories and investigate peculiar situations, this corvette is fast, but packs a vicious punch with it's dual rapid-fire string-disruptor cannons.


Chopin light frigate


The Chopin is the most common ship in the Alliance navy. Relatively fast, but lightly armed, it is mainly used as a patrol ship or escort vessel.

Keller assault gunboat


A small, unimpressive ship, the Keller uses a new instant jump hyperdrive to perform hit and run attacks with it's two plasma banks.


Verdi assault destroyer


The Verdi is the mainstay of the IAN. It's powerful enhanced quad disruptor cannons can challenge larger battleships on equal grounds, while
a drone fighter complement can distract enemy PD or damage faster ships.


Mozart heavy cruiser


The Mozart is the Alliance's main heavy enforcement cruiser. Used only in heavier engagements, this vessel carries heavy disruptor cannons that can eat chunks out of even the largest battleships.

Shubert Battlecruiser]]


A medium ship, the Shubert is a very common cruising vessel, equipped with powerful weapons and shields.


Vivaldi combat carrier


Used as the IAN's most common drone carrier, the Vivaldi's main purpose is to distract enemy PD and deliver PD support with it's own particle batteries.

Bach Supercarrier


The largest Alliance production vessel in existence, the Bach carries hundreds of attack drones, and heavy offensive weaponry. It's main purpose is to serve as a mission command ship, and to deliver long range fire support.


Nikolai Dreadnought


The Nikolai is the Alliance's single most heavy battleship yet mass-prduced. It's twin Super-heavy antimatter cannons can easily fend off hevy ships, while multiple batteries of heavy and light disruptor cannons can defeat equal or smaller enemies with great speed.

Instruments of War

ANS Ricard Wagner


A towering ship, the ANS Richard Wagner measures a dozen kilometers in length, and carries the firepower of an entire Alliance battlegroup. It's heavy disruptor weapons can shred entire fleets to pieces, while it's main gun has the power output to destroy a small moon with a few shots. The Wagner is the Pride of the IAN, and serves as a command ship for Grand-Admiral Irving Newark.


Flute listening post


A small comms outpost, that serves as a relais for hyperspace communication.

Violin defense outpost


A powerful defense platform, the Violin is deployed in large numbers as a satellite sentry for most important Alliance colonies.

Tuba defended drydock


A common sight in orbit over most Allaince colonies, the Tuba serves as a repair station and construction facility for smaller Alliance warships. In battle, it provides extra defensive firepower and it's repair drones will conduct in flight repairs on allied ships.

System fleets, sector battlegroups:

The Vilushan Imperial Navy.


An integral part of the Alliance home defense fleet in the Milky Way Glaxy, Vilushan ships are considered standing at the pinnacle of engineering. Bristling with heavy plasma weapons, they're more than a match for any invading fleet.

From small to large:

Desino class corvette
Expletio class frigate
Terminatio class battlecruiser
Peractio class carrier


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