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Back Story:

Jagatharian History:

Originally a colony settle from the original Earth, the planet started to prosper with the discovery that the soil causes all Terran life forms to live exponentially longer. Made fortunes exporting the planet's trees, which were what created the soil. Eventually the inevitable happened: the mass wave of immigration. With the rising prices of Jagatharian trees and soil, the middle class man could no longer afford it. They saw immigrating as an easy way to live forever. As the ships started heading towards Jagathar, the Jagatharians closed there borders and enforced a immigration blockade. After 1 day any unauthorized ship heading towards Jagathar would be destroyed with extreme prejudice. After the first hundred foolish immigrants ignored this warning and were Killed, the other immigrants realized that the Jagatharians were serious, and they gave up there foolish venture. Jagathar then opened its border to merchant vessels and selected immigrants. The selection process for the new immigrants was designed to make sure the only the best and the brightest became a citizen. Each year, the selection process got harder and harder as the number of slots went down.

Soon, it was realized that anyone born on Jagathar had no need to remain to have an extended life-span. Suddenly, every expecting mother wanted to be on Jagathar, however temporarily, to have there children. The Jagatharians once again only allowed the best and brightest to enter, but this time the slots were pretty much infinite. In Jagathar, any body who has a physical or mental defect, they are sent to a hospital and stay there until a treatment comes out that can make them normal. Children without defects, but who cannot pass the mandatory I.Q. test are trained to be in the military or be somebody who's job doesn't require a lot of intelligence.

Jagatharian Fleet:

Missile Straffer:
A light ship designed to annoy the enemy and be a needle in there flank.
But in swarms this craft can be deadly.

Capitalizing on an experimental energy core, this ship is loaded with weapons. One problem is the fact that they have very little armor. They have a very short life expectancy. Pilots of these ships like to congregate in swarms , making it more likely to survive. These groups of pilots send there least damaged craft to the front allowing the lightly damaged craft to head to the rear of the pack and the heavliy damaged craft to retreat to a repair ship.

Assault Boat:
The Jagatharian equivalent of the Hestia, the assault boat is a ship designed to live out fire fights and be the backbone of the fleet.

Kondar Missile Cruiser:
A large ship designed to take out opponent capital ships, the Kondar Missile Cruiser has a heavy armament. Able to dispense 18 missiles in three seconds it is known for its ability to create precision holes in the enemies armor.

Jagatharian Pirate History:

New Movement:
When the pirates found the resource rich planet which was formally uninhabited, they struck gold. And they found some old engineer willing to make the occasional ship for them in return for money. They immediately decided to build a ship yard in orbit, firmly anchoring their ownership of the plant. The engineer quickly revealed the Thorn and Dagger class ships. The pirates immediately produced a trial run of the ships. They found them up to there standards (who are they kidding??? They have no standards) and started to mass produce them.

End of the New Movement:
The pirates went back to the engineer and asked for some more ship designs. He told them he would have them soon. Six T-months (Terran months) later the pirates came back for the designs. Turns out the new designs were nothing like the original ones. After some questioning he revealed he actually never had designed the plans. They had been designed by a colleague. After his colleague won huge resource grants for his designs, the engineer killed his colleague, stole the plans, and had been hiding out on this planet ever since. Needless to say, the pirates were disappointed in him and promptly chucked him out the nearest air-lock. This was the end to the pirate new movement.

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