Leasath Defense Initiative

2020Feb Fusion Reactors invented

2033 First attempt at interstellar travel using the reactors

2034Aug Pulse detonation Fusion Reactors are invented as a more effecient type of engine producing 10 fold the impuse produced with the older Fusion models

2035Jul First PDFR [Pulse detonation Fusion Reactor] probe called Discovery is sent to test new engines with heading towards the Milky Ways core

2035Sept Tests successful with probe leaving Plutos orbit

2035Dec+ Space travel continues using the new PDFRs

2105Nov Scientist reveal the use of Pulsed Antimatter Reactors to reach 0.95 percent of light speed

2113Feb Strange anomaly located new the Crux-Scutum Arm from the old probe Discovery

2113May Dark matter discovered

2114Jul Pulsed Antimatter research craft sent with scientists to investigate

2121Sept Anomaly discovered to be a Gravitational Collapse caused by a neutron star falling into a near by blackhole

2121Nov Scientists there discover an abundace of Gravitons

2122Jul Anti Grav propulsion craft coupled with Antimat reactors reach 0.99 of lightspeed

2133Mar Scientist Demona Nikola investigates the use of the gravitons in creating artifical wormholes

2133April Super Strings descovered and made

2133Aug Tests unsucessful with unmanned probes jumping randomly around the Galaxy and proves to be expensive

2133Nov Accidental use of 2 wormholes because of 2 rival science firms causes them to join forming a successful tunnel between the two firms

2133Dec Scientist Vladimir Folvos explains using ships to create wormholes at desired locations

2134Feb wormholes used for long haul travel at expensive cost

2135April Scientists invent jump gates to keep wormholes open longer thereby reducing costs by using ring shaped dark matter generators

2140June Scientist Wallace Prospekt describes the use of graviton hyperdrives

2140July Investigations into it Hyperdrives begin

2155Dec after years of research The first Graviton drive is invented by enveloping the ship in high energy String Graviton Plasma to tear spacetime forming a negative vacuum to boost the ship beyond Speed of light

2156+ Mass Galactic Colonization begins

2200 Star league formed

The Leasath was founded by David Halifax Leasath after a large intergalactic war because the founding leaders of the star league had arguments about the availability of gunmetal and tiberium in the outskirts of the star league hegemony and so the system dentaxess 3 broke off from the league along with the other leaders of the outskirts with their massive abundance of gunmetal and tiberium calling themselves the Schism rebellion. But the remaining star league tried to deny their Independence and forced them to rejoin the league with a total of 55 League super fleets each composing of 500 Small craft , Frigates and 25 capital ships and 1 lead super cap with over a billion foot soldiers, mechs and tanks the rebels were absolutely overwhelmed, left their territorial boundaries and retreated to their homeworlds and camped there with the league bearing down on them, they were doomed until Fleet commander David Halifax Leasath introduced a new tactic of killing league scouts and stealing their equipment and slowly striking lowly defended sectors and planets and using hit and run tactics with modified capital ships they proved destructive and slowly the league lost ships, personnel and equipment and the leagues advance slowed due to them having to constantly switching between attack and defense. After 3 years of this the league was reduced to only 12 fleets left and so decided to mount a final striking offense and forcing a decisive blow by directly heading to the homeworlds but during the 3 years the rebels has trained, researched ,produced and stockpiled weapons, equipment and only issuing only the best weapons to their troops. The rebels knew the league were coming and thew were ready.

The war was won with league with full losses and the rebels with a few and to commemorate their victory they decided to change their name to Leasath after Fleet commander David Halifax Leasath who was the one who saved the rebels with his hit and runs and he was voted and initiated to Precentor Marshal of Leasath.

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