Skirmish Mode
Leviathan Raid Grinder Blockade

Mission Summary

A Massive Alien Space station has been sighted. Your task force has been ordered to destroy it. Most of the defenders have been drawen up by a diversionary attack, now is your chance!

Means of Scoring

Points are Scored based on how much damage you do to the Leviathan. To score the maximum amount of points, destroy all parts of the Leviathan before destroying the actual core. You can score bonus points for destroying the leviathan quickly.


You have 8 points to spend on your fleet formation. Choose Carefully.


  • Destroy the Leviathan within 5 minutes.
  • Destroy all parts of the Leviathan for More points.
  • Destroy the Leviathan quickly for bonus points.

Tips and Stratagies

This is a list of tips and strateges to defeat, and possibly earn a High Score in the Skirmish game Leviathan.
To view the High Score List, go here: Leviathan Mode Top 100

The Enyo Method

One of the easier methods is to fleet together a group of Enyo's. This is because the Enyo comes equipped with six Pulse guns, and when massed together they inflict a lot of close-range damage, and overwhelm Point defences. Plus with the Railgun they can damage multiple sections at once, and the Teller Torpedo provides attack from a distance.
(Contributed by TheBlueEcho)

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