Manticorian History:

by Derekiv

Basic History:
A once small colony with little in the way of economy or of a Navy. That was until a wormhole was discovered nearby. With the ability to transfer ships almost instantaneously to the other end of the wormhole, the wormhole was an enormous boost to Manticorian trade. Scientists immediately started to research this wormhole in great detail.

With the new influx of research money the wormhole study field was the best place to get a job. One day, a junior scientist accidentally took a reading of the wrong sector of space. To his infinite surprise, there happened to be another worm hole in the system. He Quickly ran the instrument in a full sweep of the system. He looked at the readings, astonished. “There must be at least six wormhole termini!” he thought to himself. After compiling more information of the locus of the junctions, he presented his results to the queen. He immediately became a respected scientist, and the Wormholes created a huge source of revenue for the Star Kingdom of Manticore.

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