Mission 1 - Milk Run
Campaign Missions
1 - Milk Run 2 - Rat Hole 3 - Bunker 4 - Titan
5 - Siege 6 - Slaughterhouse 7 - Graveyard 8 - Stronghold

Mission Briefing

Raider activity has been on the rise lately. Three commercial ships have been lost in the vicinity of Sirius Alpha in the last week. Two police cutters sent to investigate were also lost.

The fleet has been called in to help the local police force deal with the raider threat. You have been assigned to protect the local trade route while Admiral Cherenkov leads a full-scale assault on the pirate base.


  • At least 1 civilian ship must survive.
  • Space Station must survive.
  • Your ship must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Destroyer.

Tips and Strategies

This mission is very simple at any difficulty. Just do what you are told to do. However, when the big pirate cruiser appears, you should bring your Hestia near the space station; that way it will be repaired and you will have the space station to help you destroy the cruiser as well. Cherenkov's command ship is a Hecate with double HP. Needless to say, once it appears you should not have problem.

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