Mission 2 - Rat Hole
Campaign Missions
1 - Milk Run 2 - Rat Hole 3 - Bunker 4 - Titan
5 - Siege 6 - Slaughterhouse 7 - Graveyard 8 - Stronghold

Mission Briefing

The time Has Come for us to launch a counter-attack on the pirates. Given your exemplary performance at the battle of Sirius Alpha, Fleet HQ has picked you to spearhead the assault.

You will proceed to Sector 29 and clear the path to the pirate base. You have been given command of an additional patrol craft for this mission.


  • Destroy all pirate defences.
  • At least one ship must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Destroyer.
  • Hestia Assault Destroyer
Patrol Craft
You can pick 1 Patrol Craft.
  • Proteus Light Gunship

Tips and Strategies

Currently nothing has been suggested or added yet. But if you have a Tip or Strategy to add please feel free to add it here.

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