Mission 3 - Bunker
Campaign Missions
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Mission Briefing

Preparations for the assault on the Sirius Alpha pirate base are complete. Without their defensive asteroid emplacements, we now have a clear route to attack the pirate base. You have been chosen to command our strike force and have been assigned fice ships for this mission. The objective of this mission is simple: annihilate them.

Be warned however, their toughest and largest ships and defensive plarforms are clustered in this asteroid field. They even have Gluon Bolter Platforms that fire swarms of missiles at you. additionally, the area is prone to Meteor Showers, you will have to be very alert and very quick on your feet out there, captain.

You have been granted access to Helios Point Defence Destroyers for this mission. These are support ships that are adept at intercepting large amounts of enemy fire.


  • Destroy all Pirate ships.
  • At least 1 ship must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 3 Destroyers.
Patrol Crafts
You can pick 2 Patrol Craft.
  • Proteus Light Gunship

Tips and Strategies

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