Mission 4 - Titan
Campaign Missions
1 - Milk Run 2 - Rat Hole 3 - Bunker 4 - Titan
5 - Siege 6 - Slaughterhouse 7 - Graveyard 8 - Stronghold

Mission Briefing

Congratulations Commodore, due to your recent performance, Command has chosen to promote you. Along with the promotion, you have been assigned to command a Cronus Battleship.

2 hours ago we received a message from Task Force 16; they'd tracked down the leader of the Sirius Alpha Pirates, Nagaya. It seems that this goes further than we imagined. Nagaya's organisation spreads throughout the Federated systems.

We have lost contact with the Task Force and fear the worst. You've been tasked to take your Cronus into the Taurus asteroid field and discover their fate.


  • Find Task Force 16.
  • Rescue any survivors.
  • Cronus must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Battleship.

Tips and Strategies

Currently nothing has been suggested or added yet. But if you have a Tip or Strategy to add please feel free to add it here.

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