Mission 5 - Siege
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Mission Briefing

We have disturbing news Commodore. Admiral Cherenkov has not returned. We fear that he and his crew have been captured or killed by the aliens. Before we lost contact with Admiral Cherenkov, he intercepted communications that suggest that the Pirate leader Nagaya may be involved with these aliens in some way.

However, that will have to wait. Taurus IV is under attack. Take some of the new Moria Torpedo Destroyers to protect the civilian installations at Taurus IV. You have also been granted permission to deploy the Peitho Armoured Battlecruiser and Enyo Cruiser for this mission.


  • Defend Taurus IV Space Station.
  • Defend Taurus IV Civilian Vessels.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Battleship.
You can pick 3 Destroyers.
  • Hestia Assault Destroyer
  • Hestia Alpha Assault Destroyer
  • Helios Point Defence Destroyer
  • Moira Torpedo Destroyer

Tips and Strategies

NOTE: This particular strategy was used in Hard Difficulty.
Take a Cronus and three Moiras. Destroy the initial wave of alien frigates easily, then return to the space station and wait for the next wave of enemies. They come from a random corner of the map. Use the Moiras' Gluon bolters and torpedoes to make short work of the weak pirate and alien ships, and the Cronus to provide more firepower and use its flux projector to protect your fleet. If the current wave of enemies is almost destroyed, use the time to repair and let the gluon bolters recharge. After each wave, return to the space station. There is a wave where enemies come from two different directions. Send the Cronus to one direction and the Moiras to another. There is also a wave that is larger than usual and features an enemy you may not have seen before - the Alien bombardment ship. It carries two Pulsar guns which cause destruction over a great range and a large area. The Flux projector will come in handy here.

The very last enemy in this mission is Nagaya's second flagship. This ship is a monster in terms of firepower, hull integrity and speed. It is also the reason why a Cronus is superior to the Peitho for this mission. On Hard difficulty, the flagship has a whopping 750 HP, boosted tachyons (yes they are boosted but there are no boosters for you to destroy) and up to 5.25 speed (the speed and acceleration changes around quite a bit, so this is almost certainly a bug). If you use a Peitho it is almost certainly going to be toasted by the tachyons since they can bounce off deflectors. But a Cronus' flux projector can be micro'd to allow it to block all the tachyons. Simply use the projector when Nagaya fires a volley of tachyons, then press 'S' to stop the projector and allow it to recharge. Meanwhile, your Moiras flank Nagaya (easier said then done) and occasionally strike him with Gluon bolters. Make the tachyon cannons the prime target; four of them are on the outside and relatively easy to hit so let your Moiras take care of it (use your particle cannons if you have to since they're accurate). Then it is simply a matter of whittling down Nagaya's armour.
by Water_and_Wind

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