Mission 6 - Slaughterhouse
Campaign Missions
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Mission Briefing

Nagaya has run to Zulu sector. His forces recently established a beach head there and have engaged our in-system garrison under the commander of Major T. Hong. Losses have been heavy on both sides with little gain or loss of territory since the initial incursion.

Your mission is to proceed to Zulu sector with your fleet, take over from Major Hong and lead our forces in eliminating the enemy threat.

For this mission, you will be able to deploy the newly developed Arcas Carrier, Thetis Drone Frigate and Oenone Beam Destroyer.


  • Destroy all enemy Battle Stations.
  • At least one friendly Battle Station must survive.
  • Major Hong must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Battleship.
You can pick 3 Destroyers.
  • Hestia Assault Destroyer
  • Hestia Alpha Assault Destroyer
  • Helios Point Defence Destroyer
  • Moira Torpedo Destroyer
  • Enyo Cruiser
  • Oenone Beam Destroyer
Patrol Craft
You can pick 2 Patrol Craft.
  • Proteus Light Gunship
  • Thetis Drone Frigate
  • Zelus Attack Boat

Tips and Strategies

NOTE: This strategy is designed for hard difficulty.
Take either a Cronus or Peitho, 3 Enyos and 2 Zeluses. Enyos are by far the best ship to use against space stations so with this setup the mission is actually very simple. Charge your Enyos against the space stations, use the battleship to draw fire away from your Enyos, and the Zeluses to flank and cripple (but try not to destroy) the enemy ships.
By Water_and_Wind

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