Mission 7 - Graveyard
Campaign Missions
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Mission Briefing

Admiral Cherenkov will be mourned, but you must hurry Commodore. You and Major Hong have been tasked to intercept the Alien superweapon before it can be brought to bear on Fleet HQ in Sol. Work has already begun to bolster the defences to repel the Alien fleet from Orion.

Intel indicates that the Alien superweapon will be brought to the Vega XIII asteroid field. Your mission is to ambush the Aliens and disable or capture the weapon. Unfortunately, we can only spare you a single Battleship for this mission through you now have access to the Hecate Dreadnought. Take your command ship and do your best to acquire some ships before the Aliens get there.


  • Destroy or Capture Alien Superweapon.
  • Major Hong must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Battleship.

Tips and Strategies

NOTE: The following strategy is designed for HARD difficulty level.
Take a Cronus. The Flux Projector can be micro'd to nullify most of the tachyon bolts, so it makes a better tank than a Peitho. Also, the beamers allow the Cronus to destroy alien armoured cruisers from the front which is a significant advantage over the other battleships available.

Capture all the destroyers. Put them in one group and the Cronus and Hong's ship in another group. Separate the destroyer group and the tanking group so that when the aliens show up, at least one of the groups is flanking the aliens. Use the superior speed and firepower of the destroyer group to take out the alien armoured cruisers/dreadnought first by flanking them, while microing the Cronus' flux projector to absorb the driver and tachyon shots. Then kill the unaegised ships. Repeat for all the waves; on hard difficulty the transport has 600 HP so it is harder to accidentally kill it.
By Water_and_Wind

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