Mission 8 - Stronghold
Campaign Missions
1 - Milk Run 2 - Rat Hole 3 - Bunker 4 - Titan
5 - Siege 6 - Slaughterhouse 7 - Graveyard 8 - Stronghold

Mission Briefing

Good work capturing the Alien Conversion Bomb. With Admiral Cherenkov gone, you are now promoted to the rank of Admiral. There is no time to celebrate, though, the Aliens are closing in on Fleet HQ as we speak.

You are tasked to round up what remains of the Terran Federation Fleet and proceed with all possible haste to Fleet HQ in Sol. Major Hong will safeguard the device in a secure sector. You should be able to round up some Enyo Cruisers, Moria X and Aedon Bombardment Craft.


  • Defend Fleet HQ.
  • Fleet HQ must survive.

Ships Available

You can pick 1 Battleship.
You can pick 2 Destroyers.
Patrol Craft
You can pick 2 Patrol Craft.

Tips and Strategies

Currently nothing has been suggested or added yet. But if you have a Tip or Strategy to add please feel free to add it here.

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