Novelty Weapons Page

This page will serve two purposes. First to serve as an explanation of what a novelty weapon is. Second is to serve as an archive of these novelty weapons.

Novelty Weapons

A Novelty Weapon is any weapon which does things which aren't normally achievable through stock (unmodded) weapons, modules, or ships. They can be single weapons/modules, or an entire ship dedicated to a weapons system. Notable examples include the ever-popular Kinetic Missile and Tachyon Mines

Weapons Archive

When you add your weapon to this page please include a brief description of the weapon, an small image showing the weapon in action, and the code for it or a download link for a ship armed with the weapons. You can copy the weapons code in the shipmaker by clicking on the weapon, pressing the Edit tab, and then pressing "R" button to copy it to your clipboard.

Please help expand this page by adding your weapon.

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