Skirmish Mode
Leviathan Raid Grinder Blockade

Mission Summary

Time for a Little payback. We have discovered the Locations of a number of enemy supply bases. Your Mission is to conduct lightning raids on their supply ships to steal their stores.

Means of Scoring

There are 12 bases you're going to raid. Each Base will have more transports than the last. All Transports must be eliminated to proceed to the next base. Transports drop loot when destroyed, pick them up by flying a ship over the loot.

You gain 1000 points at the start of each attack. These points will deplete slowly. Pick up loot for bonus Points!


You have 6 Points total to spend on your fleet formation. Choose Carefully.


  • Destroy all transports
  • Pick up loot
  • Work quickly for higher score

Tips and Strategies

Currently nothing has been suggested or added yet. But if you have a Tip or Strategy to add please feel free to add it here.

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