The Fleet Of Orochi Phil


The volatile 707th sector of Explored Space was no stranger to violence; massive fleet-to-fleet battles broke out almost constantly among the various factions that existed within its confines. Sometimes, these battles were over trade; sometimes, over territorial disputes; and on rare occasions, marriage. However, these conflicts were usually limited to the organizations involved; whether this was out of compassion or reputation varied from boss to boss.

A break from this long period of closed inter-faction conflict would come in the form of a massive hunk of rock known as the planet Lazarin.

Floating lazily around the 707th sector's largest star, Mymyo, Lazarin came only into the collective knowledge of the sector when the transmission of an exploratory probe belonging to the largest government of the area, the Corox, was hacked and distributed across public channels by the gathering of open-source enthusiasts and intellectuals known only as the House.

The knowledge that an untapped Earth-like planet lay unclaimed for so long drove all within the sector to madness. To space. To Lazarin…



Orochi Phil…

A nonexistent force within the 707th until the House's dissemination of the existence of Lazarin. Because of his obscurity, only limited data has been gathered of his fleets. This is all that the House knows of him:


Orochi Phil's Patrol Boat
A patrol boat in the service of Orochi Phil. It is rather infamous for its swarm hit-and-run attacks upon House and Corox convoys both. An odd shotgun-like cannon is its main source of damage.


Orochi Phil's Frigate
A frigate in the service of Orochi Phil. The small robotic fighters they launch spell disaster for those with little armor, while the quad temporary shield generators help it stay afloat. A disaster to behold when facing groups, but only then.


Orochi Phil's Cruiser
A cruiser in the service of Orochi Phil. Very little is known about this craft, mainly due to the fact that very few have lived to talk about it.


Orochi Phil's Flagship
The flagship of Orochi Phil himself. This is merely an artist's rendering. Quite a detailed one at that.

As the battle goes on, more detailed descriptions, as well as any newly discovered boats of Orochi Phil, will be delineated upon this page. This is almost sure to happen.

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