The Guide To Good Encounter Making

5 Helpful tips to a fun entertaining encounter by Doombringer

  • Tip 1

1 First of all think about what you are going to make. Its no fun just making an encounter without visualizing first on what your going to make, that way you know what to do and not just staring into a blank "canvas" or in this case a black patch of space.

  • Tip 2

2 What is the terrain going to be like? the terrain shapes and defines an encounter. put some meteors here and there, add some lighting with a sun, or a planet for a siege or defense encounter.

  • Tip 3

3 Add your ships, what are they going t o be? If the terrain was the skin of an encounter then the ships would be the hands and feet. Ships give the encounter life, But don't just spawn any ship think about what the situation is about. If the encounter was about a small fleet of attacking pirate raiders then it wouldn't be fair chucking in a battleship to massacre them would it?

  • Tip 4

4 That introduces difficulty now, Think hmm how many enemies should there? be and how big should they be? a lot of enemies or really big ones would be harder so just balance with more of your own, or more allied ships. But too many enemies and its suicide from a hail of blasters or simply too large enemies and either your frame rate or your HP will sharply fall. Number the ene mies according to strength If your main ship or ships are too strong add more enemies and frequently test the encounter for difficulty. Too hard and you'll give up playing but too easy and you'll bore yourself to death before your ships do.So do this: too hard add more allies too easy add more enemies, and remember try to have fun with your encounter and don't make it too hard, if your uploading just think your not the only one playing it. If you can't finish the encounter because of difficulty so will a bunch of noobs, therefore please adjust difficulty.

…..If you've read up to here by now well done you're nearly finished just one last tip…

  • Tip 5

5 Saving and playing the encounter.Check for bugs or glitches that you could try to fix up, Check for difficulty, can you finish it? If your Titan class Drednought is at 1HP and with just a few bare sections left and the rest of your entire armada of Battleships and Battlecruisers are just a floating pile of debris then you may have made it too hard "Help!!" and people will complain on the forums to fix it and who will have to fix it…not me…Yes you.. But if you leave without a scratch or only just a mere glancing hit from a blaster then its too easy "boring" "lame" and I would not bother to play it and people will complain on the forums to fix it and who will have to fix it…not me…Yes you..Saving the encounter pick an original name, maybe based on who is fighting, where is the fighting, when is the fighting or why is there fighting. Go ahead pick something fun.

Good luck with your encounters and remember to have fun or it won't be worth doing.

…a little extra for pros and vets…

  • Extra Tip 6

6 Extras Uploading your encounters. At []
you can post up your encounters to share with others around the world and get tips like this here or play other encounters and learn from the best. But to make it [your encounter] really special and fun but mostly interesting is to make a story of your encounter and add the time[optional] place and who. If you want make a campaign
of a collection of encounters each with a little part of the story each. That is all have fun making your own little wars and skirmishes……still here?….huh….What!! are you doing get making!!….

By wyrdysm local Doombringer

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