The Scinfaxi Empire


Early in Scinfaxi history they where visited by several scout ships from the Hessive Empire. Overtime this visit passed into the realm of legend and myth. Many hundreds of years later the Hessive invasion began. The Scinfaxi crushed because at the time Scin was still a world dominated by feudal kingdoms and they had not yet industrialized. For thousands of year they suffered under their new masters. During this time they learned the ways of the Hessive and learned about their technology and how to reproduce it. And they did and slowly they built up enough arms to overthrow their masters and retake their home. When the rebellion did come the Hessives were completely overwhelmed. They believed that the Scinfaxi had been thoroughly pacified. For reasons not entirely know the Hessive response was very slow. It wasn’t till months later that Hessive troops began arriving. The extra time had allowed the Scinfaxi to fortify their positions and use captured factories to manufacture more weapons and ammunition. The Hessian troops were inexperienced and at first were slaughtered in combat. It was in tanks and aircraft that they held the advantage; however the Scinfaxi soon devised anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles based on rocket launchers stolen from enemy ammo dumps. The Hessians believed that one world was not worth the very high cost and decided to withdraw.

After they Hessians left the Scinfaxi began to rebuild their civilization. Kessel, the leader of many of the rebellious forces, was declared the Protector and Emperor of the Scinfaxi People a hereditary title that is still by the current Emperor Skaalerg IV. The Hessives had left several of their ships behind during their retreat. Once again showing their ability to copy technology, the Scinfaxi began building prototype ship themselves.

As the Scinfaxi began to explore the galaxy they encountered the Hessives again. At first the Hessives did not know how to handle the Scinfaxi. Later, however the Hessives turned hostile and began attacking any Scinfaxi ships entering their systems. The Scinfaxi retaliated and began to build larger and more powerful ships then the Hessives possessed. It would be a long and costly war for both sides, but eventually the Hessives would submit and be forced to work as slaves themselves. The Scinfaxi has been much more generous with other civilizations it has encountered. In exchange for surrender they offered self-governance on a planetary scale and the same rights as Scinfaxi citizens.

The Scinfaxi Empire will let you live and keep your possessions.


The Scinfaxi Empire is divided into four sectors the Western Frontier, the Eastern Sector, the Core Worlds, and Home Sector. Every since the Ye'rulin Invasion (During the invasion the Conquest fleet was stretched too thin and Scin itself came under threat.) each sector is responsible for maintaining it's own fleet. Home Sector is comprised of the Scin system and the systems of the former Hessive Empire. The Eastern is sector straddles a band of habitable systems know as Uligiha's Pearls after Empress Uligiha. The Core Worlds are by far the most developed worlds in the Empire. They are the main centers of industry and commerce. The Frontier sector is made up of newly settled worlds along the boundary of the Core Worlds. Once a Frontier world meets the Social and Economic requirements, they are allowed into the Core Worlds.

Scinfaxi Naval Designations

Ship Classifications

  • A- Akrata (Fighter Drone)
  • Q- Qilintra (Bomber Drone)
  • L- Luksin (Corvette)
  • H- Hepper (Frigate)
  • V- Vuukiligen (Cruiser)
  • N- Neppinetr (Battleship)
  • UA- Ullantabar po Akratan (Carrier)
  • U- Ullantabar (Dreadnought)
  • S- Sequrita (Logistics)


  • SP- Spectra Fualer (Electronic Warfare)
  • D- Deskra (Bombardment)
  • L- Ligistra (Patrol)
  • K- Korgan (Attack)
  • M- Molligan (Light)
  • EG- Ejacta Gughan (Active Defense)
  • B- Belinu (Freighter)
  • V- Virdu (Tanker)
  • O- Operatic (Command)


Conquest Fleet

The Conquest Fleet's responsibility is the acquisition of new world into the Empire. Not only are the officers of the Conquest Fleet master tacticians, they are also shrewd negotiator. It is instilled early on in their training that they will earn more glory adding planet through diplomacy than through war.

LK-2 Ducicen

HD-4 Myatropy

HEG-2 Hossel

HK-4 Hossel

VK-4 Kodan Cruiser

OK-2 Waros

NK-2 Yarvis

UAK-3 Lihiyer Carrier

UK-3 Stratha

SB-2 Habrim

SV-3 Habrim

__LI-4 Uti'tin __

Sector Fleets

Defenders of the Western Frontier

HK-5 Qutnsay

HL-3 Koglihn

UAL-1 Y'echsul



A typhical Scinfaxi male.
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