Tournaments are where shipbuilders compete to make the best ship they can using a defined rule-set. There are many variations of tournaments, depending on the individual rules.

See also Tournament Rulesets.

Completed/Closed Tournaments

Assault the Mothership
Teams will construct ships to destroy an Alien Mothership.
Motherships Tournament
3 teams will construct their own 800-point mothership. Then, each member of the team will build 1 escort constrained to 100 points.
Destroy the Juggernaut Tournament
Two teams, Pirates and Military, go toe to toe. The Military can build larger ships, but the Pirates possess the titular Juggernaut.

Ongoing Tournaments

1 vs 1 Custom Ship Tournament
Competitors will construct their own 100-point ships, and then take them against the ships of others. 3 classes - Frigate, Cruiser, and Battleship.
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